What is the Most Popular Type of Small Business in the Bronx, New York?

In New York, everything revolves around business. It was founded as a trading post by Dutch colonists in 1624 and today it houses one of the world's major stock exchanges, making it arguably the business capital of the world. The key to finding the most profitable business ideas that best fit New York City is to use the city's special features as an integral part of your strategic business plan. Each metropolitan area has its own culture, demography, dominant industries, and geography.

Work with these elements to start the business that's a perfect fit for New York. This list is tailored to New York's unique opportunities. Everything is delivered to homes and businesses in New York City because most people don't have a car or time to go out and buy goods and services for themselves. Benefit from selling delivery services for large and small items, from food to clothing.

People and products must go from one end of the city to the other. This is a service that is always in demand. Here's my checklist for starting a trucking business. New York City is one of the most culturally interesting cities in the world.

Launch your entertainment business with music, performance, dance, film, art or poetry. Do you want more artistic business ideas? Check out my list here: Restaurants are one of the biggest industries in the city. From coffee carts to the best restaurants, New York City is prime real estate for entrepreneurs in the food industry. In addition, you can provide catering for special events, business, or people's special dietary needs. If you have specific experience, you're sure to find companies and people in a city the size of New York who want to hire you.

Consultants can be a great way to make money. Some of the highest-paid consultants are in the fields of finance, programming, marketing, and medicine. Get inspired by my list of catchy consulting business names here. New Yorkers live in a crowded city and love traveling to get away and explore the world. Their economic wealth is high, and as such, they can afford to hire travel planners for their exotic adventures.

In addition, companies want travel experts to coordinate itineraries and negotiate advantageous prices for their business travelers. Building in New York? Check out my startup guide on how to start a construction business in New York here. There are 1 million pets living in New York whose owners will generously pay to be walked, watched over, fed, groomed and trained. Get inspired by my list of dog grooming business name ideas here. New York is often referred to as a melting pot of cultures because of its wide ethnic diversity of multiple cultures.

There are needs for language translation services in government, the United Nations, the media and businesses. New York City has a floral district, which is the golden garden of a floral-minded entrepreneur. The city has thousands of homes, hotels and offices that buy decorative flowers weekly, as well as tons of special events that require elaborate flower arrangements. One of my clients has a lucrative service business that deals with the life of the floors of hotels and office buildings. Plus, expand your floral business with seasonal decorations. Do you want to start a home based business in New York? Read my startup guide to learn how to start a business from home Attention, digital entrepreneurs: Read my detailed guide to online startups in New York Start a Business in New York City: NYC Business, New York City Small Business Services. Born and raised in Costa Rica, herbalist and founder Adriana Ayales's mission for her holistic store, Anima Mundi, is to share traditional medicine and remedies with the modern world, while honoring the sacred practices and botany of Central and South America.

At Greenpoint's relaxing flagship, customers can enjoy an extraordinary collection of more than 200 herbs that offer a range of health benefits in the form of powders, elixirs, tonics, body and face oils, teas and more. For those in Manhattan, there's now a second location in SoHo. Be sure to follow your GI to get a recommended daily dose of positive affirmations and inspiration through homemade recipes. Along with nearby restaurants Mangoseed and Zurilee, entrepreneurs and avid cyclists Jermaine, Paul and Johann Burrowes are the sister trio behind Flatbush's new store, Burrowes Brothers Bikes. As owners and members of the award-winning professional Burrowes Brother Bikes team (which belongs to the United States Cycling Association), the Burrowes brothers were inspired to provide a community center and resource for equitable access to the sport. Visitors to the store can attend workshops, bicycle adjustments and repairs, individual training, and take part in group rides along nearby bike routes.

In addition, there is an on-site pizza kitchen with a coffee shop in the morning and cocktails and beer in the evening. From staunch vinyl lovers to fresh-faced new collectors, Colombian-American owner and curator Brandon and his business partner John are mainly responsible for Deep Cuts Record Store - an adored place for any record player needs located in Ridgewood for eight years now. Guests are welcomed by blue-and-white checkered floors; tables filled with an eclectic mix of used & new vinyl; shelves lined with cassettes; & above all - an altar dedicated to Tejan music icon Selena. With tons of genres available - from salsa & reggaeton to Latin pop & classic rock - Deep Cuts' wide selection ranges from salsa & reggaeton to Latin pop & classic rock. As one of America's leading providers of accounting services - tax & advisory - CBIZ has 100 offices & 4800 associates across US. The organization supports local community through CBIZ Cares program - which includes paid time off for team members volunteering across community.

In 12 years - organization has collected 9.9 million pounds...